Passover & Easter sweets


This was my first round of passover/easter with Zack being old enough (3) to appreciate some of the finer things the holidays have to offer– like Macaroons and Easter Candy.

What an eye-opener it was to read all the labels this year!  There are virtually no easter chocolates available that are free from nut-contamination! (See’s has one reliable chocolate product but I cannot really toot their horn right now because they were closed before 6pm 2 days before Easter which really burns my wick.)

Anyway thank heavens that one of the all-time classics of easter is a perfect match for a nut-free kid: PEEPS!!!  They rock and they are simple, and I can assure you they go over VERY well with a 3 year old!  He did not mind me removing some other candies from his reach while providing a colorful selection of peeps to choose from!

And macaroons, these are the very essence of Passover.  But try finding a nut-free brand… you won’t find ANY in the supermarket as I sadly discovered!  Advice for next year is to order in advance and either stock up or share a large shipment with some other jewishy friends.  Reliable nut & gluten free “Jennies” makes totally safe macaroons, although they are sold in packs instead of a can at a time.

Jennies macaroons at:

And we all know Peeps but:

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