What Brands to trust?

As my son gets older and can eat a wider variety of things,  it’s becoming more common to have to real Every Bloomin Label on Every Bloomin Thing we buy.  It will be nice when I am familiar with some reliable brands that we can trust for processed foods.

Snack foods & cereals seem the hardest. I could not believe how many cereal boxes I had to read through, passing up many organic & natural & fabulous brands, just to find one or two that were nut-contamination-free.   Here are Brands  I now trust & Zack (my son) loves to eat as well:

Lundberg – In particular their (organic) rice cakes are a great snack, which include some savory flavor options that have been a big hit.

Fiber One –  I once thought of this as an old person’s cereal but now that we’ve tried it  I have to say both my son and myself love this as a breakfast or snack! The flavor seems so nutty and rich to me & it’s totally safe.

Dum Dums – Not that any of us every feed our kids candy 🙂 but in case of emergencies this is a perfect item to have on hand.  Unlike 99% of candy which has unavoidable cross-contamination, Dum-Dum lollipops are made on dedicated-nut-free equipment!  Rock on!

I’d love to hear of any other trustworthy & yummy brands out there!

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