My new favorite chip!

It’s a rare and special treat to see a little “NUT-FREE” logo on food packaging, so when I see it, I automatically become a loyal customer!  Chips can be  another tricky item when grabbing a snack for a nut-free kid, so this was a pleasure to see.

iconlogos-peanut_10 Deep-River-Snacks-Chips

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Granola Bars for Nut free kids (and for Me)

Granola bars are great on-the-go snacks, satisfying and healthy and delicous.
oatmeal-on-the-go-bars-220-293But they almost always have peanuts or nut warnings on the package.   I am not much of a home-baker but this recipe is Easy, Fast and awesome.  I’ve been making this for years now, it’s an oatmeal bar recipe where you can simply remove the nut ingredients and it had no impact on the result!

I used raisins or Craisins.  If you put these in the fridge, they last a week, or you can freeze some if desired.   They are perfect to grab for a breakfast, or a snack while out and about,  and they are satisfying & healthy & the kids love them!

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Sometimes you just need chocolate.

Certain holidays like Easter or Halloween mandate some CHOCOLATE. This item can be very hard to find for nut-free kids, especially in holiday shapes.

In recent years I’ve come to rely on this amazing brand:


They even have a great substitute for M&Ms called skippers which is handy for school-ages students whose classes do “M&M Math” (who came up with that?)

The only downside to ordering from this company is that expedited ordering can get expensive.  So now I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering my nut-free treats a few weeks before a holiday, and I am all set!!!


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Passover & Easter sweets


This was my first round of passover/easter with Zack being old enough (3) to appreciate some of the finer things the holidays have to offer– like Macaroons and Easter Candy.

What an eye-opener it was to read all the labels this year!  There are virtually no easter chocolates available that are free from nut-contamination! (See’s has one reliable chocolate product but I cannot really toot their horn right now because they were closed before 6pm 2 days before Easter which really burns my wick.)

Anyway thank heavens that one of the all-time classics of easter is a perfect match for a nut-free kid: PEEPS!!!  They rock and they are simple, and I can assure you they go over VERY well with a 3 year old!  He did not mind me removing some other candies from his reach while providing a colorful selection of peeps to choose from!

And macaroons, these are the very essence of Passover.  But try finding a nut-free brand… you won’t find ANY in the supermarket as I sadly discovered!  Advice for next year is to order in advance and either stock up or share a large shipment with some other jewishy friends.  Reliable nut & gluten free “Jennies” makes totally safe macaroons, although they are sold in packs instead of a can at a time.

Jennies macaroons at:

And we all know Peeps but:

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Chinese Food

I’m half jewish so the desire for Chinese takeout runs strong in my family.  However, Asian food in general seems like the riskiest of all cuisines to serve to someone with a nut allergy– particularly from a restaurant.

I assumed chain restaurants to be the least trustworthy, but now I am a huge fan of

because they promise that there are no nut ingredients in any dish that does not include the nut in the description (no nut oils used, etc).  And they offered up that if I wanted a dish to be 100% guaranteed free of any cross-contamination, they’d be happy to prepare the dish separately to meet that standard. Well, HELLO! They’ve won my business for the long term!  I’m also happy to report that, again despite being a chain, the food is quite delicious!!

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Chocolate Mints on the Pillow – Yum!

Not that I ever feed Zack junkfood of any kind (what sort of mother do you think I am?) but some times chocolate happens. Like when we get back to our hotel room and find there are chocolate minds on our pillow. Andes candies to be precise!  Zack and I both got excited and then I felt bad that I’d just have to hide the treat and try to make him forget about it…

But guess what , Andes Candies are good to go and Nut Free!! Another treat to have in my back pocket 🙂

Allergen info:

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Holiday Baking – found another great brand!

Holiday baking had me nervous, especially when it comes to the super-important ingredient of Chocolate Chips!

Luckily my friend stumbled upon this fabulous brand, which is surprisingly easy to find in supermarkets.

They produce chocolate chips,  baking chocolate, and other good items. Another nice perk is that they are made with all natural ingrediants– cane sugar, vanilla beans and full cream milk (for the milk chocolate).  There are no genetically modified ingredients used, and the chocolates are even certified as kosher. Oi vei!

Here is their allergen statement specifying no peanuts are handled in their facilities:

Time to do a little holiday baking!

Happy Holidays to all!

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